How to extract a movie or photo out of a Keynote presentation – updated for Sierra


There have been many times that I have been given a keynote file from someone, and I wanted to get a movie or picture out of it and save it as a separate file.  Here’s how to do it.

Option 1 – Show Package contents.


If you right click on a Pages document (or a Keynote document) there may be an option called ‘Show Package Contents’  that will allow you to see the files in the document.

  1. Find your Pages document in the finder and ‘right click’ (or hold down control while you click) on the icon. You will see a menu.
  2. If the menu has an option that says ‘Show Package Contents’ you can just click on this and you will get a folder with all the documents in your Pages or Keynote file.
Click on ‘Show Package Contents’ to see the files that are in your Pages document.

You will now see a folder with all the original documents (pictures, movies etc) that were imported into your Pages or Keynote file.

You can now see the original full size images that were imported into the Keynote or Pages file.


If there is no option for ‘Show Package Contents’ this means that the Keynote or Pages document is beign saved in a single file. You can change this. (Thanks to David for this tip – see the comments!)

Here there is no ‘Show Package Contents’ option

To create a package:

  1. Open Keynote, then click File, and go down the menu to “advanced”.
  2. Select “change file type”, and the options are “single” or “package” Choose “package”
  3. (Re-save your file and this should allow you to see the ‘Show Package Contents’ option.

How to extract the pictures from a Keynote or Pages without creating a ‘package’.

It may be that you have a Keynote or Pages file that you want to extract a video or picture from but you do not have Keynote or Pages so you cannot create a package. Here’s how to do it manually.

1. Find the Keynote or Pages file in the finder.

2. Right click on the file and select ‘duplicate’. (This is just so that you are working on a copy and won’t hurt the original file.)

Duplicate the keynote file
Duplicate the keynote file

3. Rename the file from ‘xxx.pages’ to ‘’ Tt do this click on the filename of the new keynote file so that the filename is selected then press the right arrow, delete ‘.pages’ and and type ‘.zip’


Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.07.34 PM

In my example I’m changing it from ‘OCC copy’ to ‘OCC’

4. It will prompt you to make sure you want to change the name, click ‘’.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.06.51 PM

5. Now double click on the .zip file and it will ‘expand’ the zip file to create a folder.

6. Open the folder and inside the folder will be all the movies and pictures from your keynote file. You can copy them, move them, whatever you want. This is identical to if you had been able to select ‘Show Package Contents’ for the file.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.12.26 PM






94 responses to “How to extract a movie or photo out of a Keynote presentation – updated for Sierra”

  1. brentyl

    Thanks! Clear, clean, and saved me a ton of time. :)

  2. Jeff

    hmmm. This did not work for me. Extracting the .zip file simply produces the duplicate Keynote presentation file. No folder of movies/photos.

  3. David

    >>The ‘Show Package Contents’ seems to be there for some documents and not others.

    I think I’ve found out how to solve it for keynote… Open keynote then click File, and go down the menu to “advanced”. Select “change file type”, and the options are “single” or “package” My file after saving to “package”( I chose package, and then saved the file), allowed me to see ‘Show Package Contents’ and then find the various video files i wanted. Hope it works for you too.

    1. Well done David, that’s the answer.

    2. Eve B

      Thank you, David!

  4. TM

    Thank you, thank you…

  5. Thank you SO MUCH! This worked great for getting movie files from Keynote so that I could use them in PowerPoint files!

  6. Awesome! Worked for extracting images from Keynote!

  7. Rocky

    Thanks. Very useful.

  8. Cline

    thank you for your guidance. This worked for me!!!

  9. Juliette

    Thanks for the tip, it worked instantly!

  10. TRevor

    Thank you so much. The way of “duplicate and change to zip” works perfectly on my macOS 10.14 :)

  11. Dean

    Legend David! Spot on

  12. Thank you so much!

  13. Bogdan

    Thank you, I saved a lot of work.
    Once you have accessed the component files, you can edit and overwrite them in the same place (with the same name).
    And then pack it into ZIP and rename it back to KEY.

  14. pedram

    so useful
    thank you

  15. Mike

    The zip procedure work out well. Thanks for the instructions!

  16. Cleydyr Albuquerque

    Thank you very much for sharing! Copying from Keynote and pasting on GIMP gave me horrible quality pictures (dunno why). With your steps I was able to extract high quality images from a presentation that will serve as the base for a new app I’m creating.

    Stay safe!

  17. Excellent! I forgot about “Show package contents.” This worked to extract a video from Keynote in Monterey.


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