Best presentation controller for keynote or powerpoint


This Logitech presenter is great. After using the ATI remote wonder for a year or so, and a Microsoft cordless mouse also, I’ve done a bit of research, and came up with these little units as the as the best in my opinion. They are $79 at Officeworks and have all the features you need…

  • a long range.
  • works with keynote or powerpoint.
  • the battery display indicates that the remaining battery life with little bars, so you’re not caught out with a flat battery.
  • the forward and back controls click, so you can feel that you have pressed them.
  • if you have a time to end by, eg you are presenting to a group on a timetable, you can set up the timer, it gives you 5 min and 2 minute vibration warnings.
  • It has volume up and down which automatically work on the mac with no setting up.
  • the usb receiver stows away in the transmitter, and it all comes in a little padded pouch.
  • it doesn’t need any drivers for Macintosh, it just works!

  logitechcontrols.jpg            usb.jpg

 Unfortunately, because it doesn’t need any drivers, you can’t program the keys to do what you want them to do, and the blank screen key doesn’t work. You can download the shareware program USB Overdrive to re-map the keys to do anything you want.  logitechside.jpg The side view shows volume buttons.  the ATI wonder remote is still better as a remote control for the DVD player  and itunes applications, as it has more buttons, but this Logitech unit is more reliable and simpler.



5 responses to “Best presentation controller for keynote or powerpoint”

  1. Stefan

    Check out the Logitech MX Air. Perfect technic and design. The only thing which I miss is the laser pointer, but you could move the mouse to the point you want to highlight.

  2. jitender

    need controler

  3. Is the laser pointer safe for pointing around the room?

    1. Not in someone’s eyes!

  4. Jack

    compare to its feature, I feel like it’s quite expensive a little

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