If you use your Mac to watch any kind of movies… this Application is a must have!

It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Dynamo.

Dynamo allows you to play videos faster, slow them down, and skip ads. Ever been bored by the slow pace of training videos? Speed them up! Annoyed by the ads when watching on demand TV or Amazon Prime? Skip them!

You’re welcome!

Here is a Training video playing at 1.6x speed. You will need to find the speed that suits you. I font online lectures and training videos can generally be watched at 1.6x normal speed. For me this perfect because it allows me to better pay attention because I need to concentrate harder. I found anything below 1.6 speed gets a bit boring and anything above 1.6 speed and I have trouble taking the information in. A speed of 1.6 allows you to watch a 1hr training video in under 40 minutes.

But beauty of dynamo is that you can find your own perfect speed. Dynamo uses the ‘SDF’ keys on your keyboard to speed up or slow down the video real time. You can hold your fingers there and speed it up and slow it down as you’re watching. S makes it slower, F makes it faster, and D goes back to the default. The nice thing is the SDF keys are next to each other so it’s very intuitive!

Did I mention it can also skip ads. And I mean it skips the ads in on demand TV. It skips the ads for Amazon prime at the start of your Amazon Prime Video. Just press the ‘E’ key and the ad is skipped.

Dynamo is a Safari extension. You just download it from the App Store. It’s paid, $2.99, but it’s well worth it!


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