Streaming TV and movies on demand without ads

If you watch TV on your Macbook or iMac here’s a great tip. I’m not sure what happens in the rest of the world, but in Australia when you stream TV on demand from stations like channel 10 or SBS you get between 30 seconds and 2 minutes of ads every 10 minutes or so. The same happens if you watch TV on demand via Apple TV.

But you can avoid those ads! If you watch TV on demand using the Chrome browser in OS X with the ‘Ad Block’ plug-in enabled, all the ads disappear!  It completely skips all the ads and just plays the content.

To do this,  just open Chrome, then from the ‘Window’ menu select ‘Extensions.’ Click on ‘Get more Extensions’ and search for ‘AdBlock’

AdBlock stops ads appearing on webpages that you surf but it also stops ads appearing in movies that you watch. If you use Airplay to stream them from your laptop (running adblock) to your Apple TV there will be no ads.

For more information on AdBlock and to download the Adblock extension, check out this link:

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