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You may have noticed with the new iPhone update that when your iPhone gets to 20% of its power it will prompt you to enter ‘ low-power mode’.

But did you know that you can enter low-power mode when your iPhone battery is not low? This is a great way to extend the battery life of your iPhone!

To enter low-power mode, all you need to do is say to Siri ” Turn on low-power mode.”

This will turn on low-power mode.  You can tell that you are in low-power mode because the battery charge indicator  icon will change colour from green to yellow (like in the picture above).

I was surprised at how efficient low-power mode is. My iPhone barely lasts a day in usual usage, but with low power mode turned on it was still running on the third day without a charge.

You can also find the low-power switch under Settings: Battery.

There you will see this explanation of what happens in low-power mode:


Just be warned that the iPhone automatically switches out of low power mode when it is fully charged. So I begin my day every day now by saying to siri… ‘turn on low power mode’.


2 Responses to “How to get three days battery life out of your iPhone”

  1. Andrew says:

    How do you keep it in low power mode?

    When I’ve used LPM manually, it always turns itself off.

    • Wayne says:

      Yes it turns off when it reaches full charge, when you unplug the phone from the charger you’ve got to say ‘turn on low-power mode’ again – bit of a pain!

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