How to get three days battery life out of your iPhone


You may have noticed with the new iPhone update that when your iPhone gets to 20% of its power it will prompt you to enter ‘ low-power mode’.

But did you know that you can enter low-power mode when your iPhone battery is not low? This is a great way to extend the battery life of your iPhone!

To enter low-power mode, all you need to do is say to Siri ” Turn on low-power mode.”

This will turn on low-power mode.  You can tell that you are in low-power mode because the battery charge indicator  icon will change colour from green to yellow (like in the picture above).

I was surprised at how efficient low-power mode is. My iPhone barely lasts a day in usual usage, but with low power mode turned on it was still running on the third day without a charge.

You can also find the low-power switch under Settings: Battery.

There you will see this explanation of what happens in low-power mode:


Just be warned that the iPhone automatically switches out of low power mode when it is fully charged. So I begin my day every day now by saying to siri… ‘turn on low power mode’.



2 responses to “How to get three days battery life out of your iPhone”

  1. Andrew

    How do you keep it in low power mode?

    When I’ve used LPM manually, it always turns itself off.

    1. Wayne

      Yes it turns off when it reaches full charge, when you unplug the phone from the charger you’ve got to say ‘turn on low-power mode’ again – bit of a pain!

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