How to charge your iPhone from your laptop battery.


Here is how to charge your iPhone from your MacBook Air battery. (It  will work for a MacBook Pro as well.)

  1.  Plug the phone into the MacBook Air USB port.
  2.  Open the lid and power up the MacBook Air.
  3.  Close the lid, putting the MacBook Air to sleep and the iPhone  will continue to charge!

I was recently on a car trip and my iPhone went flat.  I didn’t have a 12 V adapter to plug it into the cigarette lighter in the car.

I plugged the iPhone into the USB port on my laptop, but of course it didn’t charge because the laptop was asleep.  I opened the laptop,  and the laptop woke up, and the phone began to charge, but this was no good because it would have drained the battery of the laptop too quickly.

So I closed the laptop,  putting it to sleep,  and the phone continued to charge!

I estimate that you can fully charge your iPhone 3 to 4 times from a full MacBook Air battery.




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  1. Anthony Johnson

    Umm Hi i’m a student a UMKC and I’m about to take a test so umm yeah anyway i have a iPhone 6s and I’m trying to use my MacBook Air to charge my phone but it won’t continuously charge it and then if i close my laptop it will stop charging all together. So how do i just make it Charge my phone?

    1. We’ve had the same problem while travelling in the car on holidays. The only way to charge our phone from the laptop was to keep the lid sightly open, which is a problem because then the mac heats up. There is an app called InsomniaX which will keep the MacBook awake with the lid closed, but this may overheat your computer. I don’t know of any way of keeping the USB port alive with the computer asleep.

  2. Kaiden

    Yes guys im having the same problem im currently trying to do so and my iphone keeps vibrating telling me its charging then not then it is then its not so idk how to fix this problem

  3. Rebecca

    i have that same problem i have an iphone xr and can’t figure out how to fix it any tips?

  4. Hamish Mcfadyen

    Hi im a studying student and trying to charge my iphone 10 from my laptop , but the phone does no let me. It keep staggering from charging to not charging

    1. Shubham Khare

      To solve this staggering from charging to not charging problem, follow these steps,
      1. Connect your iPhone to the Mac.
      2. Open terminal (cmd+space then type ‘terminal’)
      3. Write this command: sudo killall -STOP -c usbd

      1. Vishwajeet Sisodiya

        Excellent shubham…thanks a lot

      2. Karlsson Stefan

        Thanks Shubham!
        I recently changed battery, my Apple, now I can’t charge the iPhone from the Mac. Any command I can use to START the USB charging again?

  5. Summer

    I mean why doesn’t my MacBook Air have a USB?

  6. SQMC

    Wow – the command string worked for me too. Thanks so much.

  7. Gabriel


  8. I have a MacBook but unable to charge my it with laptop . why?

  9. theprinceinDark

    if you face connecting disconnecting problem with your phone then follow these steps

    1. Open terminal
    2.and type ” sudo killall -STOP usbd ”

    and if you want to charge your phone after closing the lid then follow these steps

    1. Open terminal
    2.and type ” sudo pmset -a disablesleep 1 ” ** it will keep alive your mac after closing the lid **

    if you want to disable that mode then type ” sudo pmset -a disablesleep 0 “


    Thank you

  11. Techgedg

    Thank you man your method working fine

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