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NOTE: This article is for iWeb 08 and earlier.  Click here for how to do this in iWeb 09.

SUMMARY: iweb normally publishes your website to your .mac account on the apple server. But it also has an option in the file menu called ‘publish to folder’ which means it saves the entire website onto your computer. (It puts it in your user directory in a folder called ‘sites’)  You can then manually copy this folder to your own web account using a method called  ftp.

That information may be all you were after, but if you need step by step instructions on how to do it, read on!

Before you go any further, can I say the apple way of doing things is good and simple, so get a .mac account if you can.

It’s a lot simpler!

Still want to upload your iweb pages manually using ftp?

here goes…

1. You need to find out some technical sounding things from you ISP or web provider before you progress. Don’t be scared off by the funny names. They are actually quite simple. These are the details of where your webpage will be stored.

You will need 4 things.

FIRSTLY, the address of the ‘ftp server’ for where you want to put your website. If your website is ‘dubbo.org’ then it will be something like ftp.dubbo.org.

SECONDLY you will have a username and password with it.

FINALLY will also have what we call a ‘directory‘ which is simply the place your files will be stored on the website and it will be something like this: ‘/public_html’

You will need to know all these 4 things before you proceed. It’s no use guessing them. If you don’t know them you need to ring ask your web provider who you are paying for your web hosting what these details are. In summary you need (1) ftp server address, (2) username, (3) password and (4) remote directory (or remote folder).

2. Download w2w. This seems to be the easiest way to do it. It’s here: http://www.wallner.nu/fredrik/software/w2w/ With instructions.

3. Make and edit your website in iweb. In iweb select ‘publish to folder’ and it will save your iweb site into your user/sites directory on your computer.

4. Run w2w and it will copy the website from your user/sites directory on your own computer to you website on the internet. When you run w2w you will see a window like this:


Name can be anything.

Folder is the folder on your home computer. Hit Browse and go to your Macintosh HD/Users/Yourname/Sites/iwebsitetopublish and click on open.

The last 4 settings are the settings we talked about above from your ISP.

Fill them all in and press upload. From then on it remembers your settings for next time.

5. Each time you want to update your webpage, just repeat steps 3 and 4.

That’s it!

94 Responses to “How to upload iweb sites without a .mac account”

  1. El Jaye says:

    To anyone that can help!
    I am leaving mac after 3 years. Since they’ve switched everything to mobileme from .mac I can no longer access my email from a PC b/c it’s no longer explorer friendly – so much for getting my monies worth…I feel financially slighted!
    I do not have a choice – the company I work for uses PC and so does the library which will NOT permit the public to upload Safari or any other program so I can access mobileme.

    So I am looking to host my iweb site somewhere else without changing my domain name or web layout. Any suggestions?

    I have a Powerbook G4 with built-in ethernet and a godaddy account (their hosting fee is too high for number of photos you can load on a page) and you’ve all suggested many free hosting sites.

    My concern is ~ I want my website just as I’ve designed it…I want to import it to another host. Do I have to maintain an iWeb account to move it or write html from scratch? What’re my options?

    Thank you!

  2. Anthony Armstrong says:

    I just switched from .mac to netfirms. I am paying $20 for a year. I get 2 domain names. 250 gigs of space. There is a promotion code ” max20 ” that gets you a gigantic discount. It’s probably only good for one year. Check out this link
    I think the promo code is good until the end of January. They have decent phone support too. I used it three times getting set up. Cyberduck seems to be the best file transfer program to use.

  3. Anthony says:

    I am a teacher, and set up a website for my students, but since about the middle of January, I haven’t been able to change anything using iWeb 08. Three years ago I had the original iWeb, and it was terrible: pages wouldn’t load, content was missing etc- Mac support was negligible. I switched to iWeb 08, (at an extra hundred or so bucks), and everything worked fine. That was seven months ago, and there hasn’t been any problems ( I also upgraded the start up memory, as iWeb has issues if there isn’t enough).
    The same week Mac unleashed its iLife 09, my iWeb program started stuffing up. I added the update, but it didn’t do the trick, and then I reinstalled the iLife 08, but that didn’t work. When I went looking for the update patch, it had been removed from Mac’s website, and replaced with iLife 09. Forum member’s on Mac chat sites have experienced similar problems to mine. No one from Mac has gotten back to me. My web page is in limbo, unable to be changed, and if I do manage to change it, I’m worried that I will only succeed in uploading the corrupted pages I now have displayed on my iWeb. Does Mac want to force iWeb 08 users into forking out more cash for the fix. Remember, when you return Macs to the shop, they tell you that software isn’t covered by guarantee. Some dealers will help as a goodwill gesture, but my experience is that even well seasoned technicians have limited knowledge of software issues. Come on Mac , stop behaving like Microsoft and serve your customers. Tony Whelan.

  4. Maruchi says:

    HI i’m just having the same problem as Karin
    “I have been struggling for more than a week now to get my iWeb photo-album page to display after uploading it to my own domain. I have tried different ftps, then thought it might be Firefox – but the same error happens with Safari and IE. I saved various times while on the pic page while on the album page. With no change. I have been using iWeb with no problems for the past year or so, but now suddenly this has happened – and I cannot seem to resolve it. Please any advice? Thanks in advance!” Does any one know what to do?

  5. Steve says:

    Plain and simple ……. what’s the best hosting site for me to use after I create my website on iWeb?
    A couple of suggestions would be great ….. THANKS !!!!!!!

  6. Andrew says:

    Thanks man! I was having trouble with Directory/path name and you HOOKED IT UP!

  7. Alan says:

    THANK YOU. The best simplest explanation to upload Iweb. I was up and running in 15 minutes! I had created the site on Iweb then used the W2W software and after getting the 4 pieces of info from Go Daddy it worked like a charm.
    Now I need to find out how to add a commerce site to my Iweb. The geniuses at the genius bar said it can’t be done but I have heard that it can. If anyone know it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again for the lifesaving help

  8. Mary Anne says:

    I have 2 sites to create. I finished one and working on the other one and I see 2 sites on my side bar. When I publish to folder, it publishes both sites together. I need both sites to go point to their own URL. I am having Go Daddy host both sites. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help?

  9. Tom says:

    I am using iWeb ’08 for the first time. I have created a test site with only 2 pages. I am trying to upload the pages to my host (purchased form Web Host) using W2W. It keeps showing error 67. Being new to all this I am at aloss as to what to do! Can anyone assist?

  10. Adrian says:

    Same with Maruchi here… I succeed uploading and publishing iWeb using Drop Box, but the photo album page won’t display!!! What should we do?

  11. Ry says:

    Hi Iweb 09’s ftp upload does not work! it cannot write to the ftp server so if you are thinking of getting iweb 09 for ftp reasons do not get it

  12. Roger says:

    I am able to upload iWeb 09 ftp’s. A problem I have to the site I am loading to is that it does not show up. Using another ftp software I have which allows me to view the site I am hosting the web page to I can see the iWeb index page. The web hosting site requires that the index page and contents be stored in a public folder. Using iWebs ftp I cannot get it into the public folder for viewing. But using Fetch FTP I am able to do so and the iWeb site now works. Anyone else experiencing the same problem or can anyone provide a site where this type of problem has not happened for them.

  13. Sylvain Allard says:

    Nonetheless to say, uploading a website using iWeb is a total nightmare for anyone who owns a real website (not some sub-folder off mobileme).

    It appears it keeps on creating a usb-folder of the website.

    What I’m trying to do is simply to upload my website with FTP so that the website will appear when people access the .com address.

    It appears however to be very complex and I need help!

    From iWeb I saved my website in a folder. Until there everything works well.

    I upload the website trough FTP using cyberduck. It will upload the website but to its sub folder. In that case it will create a mywebsite.com/my_web_site/home.html.

    I believe tons of people run through this issue and I’m not sure why Apple make things so difficult as to upload a website. I’m very happy with my Mac but I must confess it was a piece of cake to upload any website on a PC.

    I know, I shouldn’t mess with iWeb and go with Adobe, but still I’d like to make it work…

    Are there any simple tutorials out there to upload a website using iWeb with an FTP and make sure it won’t upload to a long string of sub folder?

  14. Suzee says:

    I designed a website with the latest version of I Web…but I have just left mobile me and acquired a hosting account with Go Daddy…my problem…all of the added comments on my pages have disappeared and no comments can be added on my pages. Please HELP! Can you walk me step by step with trying to reestablishing the Ad Comments on my website?

  15. Rikke says:

    I have the same “problem” as Chris a while up…

    I’m using iweb, and i have a domain registered through one.com which is – http://www.rikkesoerensen.com
    Because in iWeb you have to name your website it means that when i upload my iweb created site via FTP to my domain, the home page is displayed as – http://www.rikkesoerensen.com/name/home.html.

    What i want to know is if it is possible to upload my site in a way that it does not show the site name, and instead just shows the top level domain ie http://www.rikkesoerensen.com?

    Thanks. I’d really appreciate any advice.

  16. Relief . . . I do not struggle alone. I hae spent seven concentrated hours trying to figure out how to manage separately mounted websites from iWeb to GoDaddy. I want to avoid a tangled knot of subjects on my personal domain.

    Closest I’ve come? http://iwebfaq.org/site/iWeb_Multiple_websites.html, paragraph 2.4 entitled “Publishing, to same server”. I KNOW my question got answered; I just don’t get it!!!

    I used the instructions . . . to a point. I don’t know how to link follow-up websites to my ‘Home” page so that each sub-website can be naigated to from the home page.

    Also: http://www.iwebformusicians.com/ Roddy does a beautiful job. I learned lots and lots but still can’t fill in some critical blanks. This is one sweet, well written and beautifully illustrated primer. CHeck it out!

    I feel your pain and just KNOW there are plenty of people out there doing precisely what we’re trying hard to figure out.

  17. Jonathan says:

    I’m creating this website on iWeb and i’m a little frustrated because my roll overs aren’t working? The site is being hosted by Just Host so it is not a .mac account. Do I have to apply all of my own effects? or can I use rollovers/ shadows/etc. through this site?

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  21. Lance Devoss says:

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  22. jacksonville repair computers says:

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  23. Emmanuel Ouelette says:

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  24. Rene says:

    Great tip. Thanks a lot. I only have one question though. All the above works for me but one thing I cannot upload my videos using iweb. When I select a video to upload the iweb function is dimmed. I am using iweb 06. Any suggestions?

  25. Thanks alot that was a great post.

  26. Wilbert Sangasy says:

    I really like this site, but I have been having some problems viewing your post lately, I am using google chrome, please fix the issue if you can.

  27. Andrew says:

    Is it iWork or iLife, Wayne?

  28. Hot 97 Playlist says:

    Good Website! I wondered if I could quote a portion of your web page and use a few things for a term paper. Please email me if that would be fine. Thanks

  29. Susan says:

    I’ve got a domain name but I don’t know anything about ftp usernames and password?

  30. Chhanda says:


    I somehow managed to make an under construction page on iweb. While I liked the templates that come inbuilt with the iweb, i was disparing as i didn’t want to create a mobile me account (money ofcourse, why else?). I was looking around for another free html editor when i happened to search if there was any way of saving the html pages locally that can later be uploaded to the web hosting server and viola… your post came in the 2nd position on the search engine. Boy, am I glad that I read your post… I found my answer in the NOTE itself and was happy to find a solution to my problem. I am beginning to love Mac for what it does and I love your post.. very simple language, doesn’t assume anything.

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