How to sell something on ebay


Here’s how to sell something on ebay from your mac. It’s all fairly simple. The only real trick is how to easily get your photos from iPhoto into ebay. Here’s how. 

STEP 1:  Register to sell with ebay.

1. You need to open an ebay account. Go here: and click ‘sign-up. It’s easy to sign up for ebay. You’ll need a credit card or paypal account to pay for items and seller fees.

2. Apply for a seller account. You can do that here. This requires additional information to be confirmed such as your phone number.

3. It’s best to also open a paypal account so that people can pay you easily. Go here: and click ‘sign-up. You’ll need a bank account number and this is where your funds will be deposited after you sell your item.

STEP 2: Put in your item to sell.

1. Take some good photos of the item you want to sell, and then plug your camera or iPhone into your computer to get the photos into iPhoto.

2. Sign into ebay, click on ‘Sell’ and start filling in your item details.

3. When you get to the item information page, and it’s time to add a photo, click on ‘Add Photos’.

Add photos

4. A new window will open. Click on ‘Browse’.


4. Now open iPhoto, select the image you want, and drag it across into the ‘Browse’ window and then click ‘Open’ like this:


5. Click, ‘Upload’, follow the rest of the prompts and away you go!



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  1. Jane Cotton

    I don’t have current images in iPhotos as this has been replaced by Photos on a Mac. I’ve had no success in dragging the images from Photos into an upload window in eBay or anything else. I’ve been loath to upload directly from the (hidden) root Photo folder, so instead I’ve copied the images I need into another folder in Finder eg Pictures. I can then browse to them from the upload window in eBay etc.

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