2nd Hand iPhone SE / iPad Air in Australia

I just purchased a phone from this ebay seller and when it arrived it was as good as new!

It’s worth keeping an eye on these guys. The 2 specials below have sold out but they now have Apple watches for $189.

They have 2  Apple iPhone SE 16GB Grey/Gold/Rose for $269. These are a great phone.

and 9 Apple iPad Air 16GB Wi-Fi + 4G 9.7in Space Grey also for $269. These are 2013 model but still a great iPad, they have a lightning connector.

They also have Apple watches, iPhone 6,7,and 8 etc for sale. If I was buying an iPhone 7 or 8 I’d buy it new as it’s a lot of money to spend on something without a warranty. But for $269 for a phone as good as the iPhone SE you can’t go wrong.

I have no links with this person I just bought a phone from them and am sharing a good deal!





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  1. Wayne

    This compay is no longer operating, but https://www.alegre.net.au/ do refurbished iPhones and you can buy them through Boost mobile and also through ebay – look for 72 point tested refurbished iPhone. I just purchased one for my wife and it looks pretty good!

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