How to download a dropbox movie file from Safari.

I recently was sent a link to a movie file in someone’s dropbox via email. No matter what I did I couldn’t get it to download. Safari wanted to play it. To download the movie I needed to click in the safari address bar, paste the link, and then press option-return which downloaded the movie instead of playing it.

I was sent a link in my email like this:


When I clicked on the link, it just opened the movie in Safari.

If I tried  ‘Save As’ from Safari I got an error saying “The document could not be exported. ”

When I right clicked on the link in my email and selected ‘Download Linked File’ nothing happens.

Finally I clicked in the safari Address bar after the link address and pressed ‘option-return’ and the movie downloaded to my safari downloads folder.

A little strange -this should be simpler – but a google search revealed others are having similar problems.


7 responses to “How to download a dropbox movie file from Safari.”

  1. anna

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. Rob

    Thanks a lot :)

  3. pesa

    Absolutely thank you!

  4. s

    or type ?dl=1 afterwards

  5. Prat

    Thanks a lot!!

  6. dj

    in the small bar where you play the movie/stop, at the end you will see a downward facing arrow. click it. it will give you an option to save it to your desktop or any folder you choose.

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