85% off webhosting at Siteground

This website macintoshhowto.com is hosted at siteground.com

Siteground is great!

They just sent me an affiliate coupon discount link:


This link gives you a massive 85% off!

Be warned though, after one year it jumps back up to the full rate.

With this link their cheapest plan goes from $26.99 per month to $3.99 per month. Fantastic for a beginner site. It includes WordPress, (that’s what macintoshhowto runs on) and it includes your own .com domain for free with the plan.

The cheapest teir (Startup) will cope with 10,000 hit per month is $3.99 from $26.99.

The next teir (GrowBig) copes with 100,000 hits a month is $39.99 down to $5.99 per month)

The highest teir (GoGeek – that’s the one I’m on) has up to 400,000 hits per month.
$64.99 down to $9.99 per month.

Check them out here.


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