Dragon Dictate for $99!

This is an absolute bargain!


I  just noticed that this promotional price for Dragon Dictate has dropped from $129 to $99. This is the best price I have seen anywhere for Dragon Dictate.

Please let me know via a comment if this still works (or if it stops working!)

The linkis some sort of  coupon/promotional link  and it will take you to the Dragon Dictate website and  put Dragon Dictate version 4 into your shopping Cart for $99 instead of $199.

It’s not very obvious what’s happening,  and I couldn’t see this advertised at all on the Dragon Dictate site. This is the cheapest price for Dragon Dictate anywhere!

You need to click on the ‘Cart’ icon up the top right to see the discounted version in your cart.

This version  does not come with a microphone.

You will see a link to add a wireless microphone for $99,  which means you essentially get the wireless version of Dragon Dictate for $199 instead of $299.

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7 responses to “Dragon Dictate for $99!”

  1. Randy

    Worked great! It is a download version – 4.0.6 in my. A 30-day return policy is stated right on the order page (which I took a screenshot of). Oh, and comes with Password Genie (don’t need).


  2. cm

    Can you use it to write in Word documents?

    1. Yes you can speak into any application and it works well with Word.

  3. Cm

    It worked AND Because I let it sit in my shopping cart for a few minutes an offer popped up for an extra 20% off if I ordered in the next 10 minutes… So I got it for 80 bucks

    1. wow – that’s a good tip!

    2. Wayne

      I just tried this and it works! Wait at the website a couple of minutes and it gives you the option of saving a further 20% off!!! Great tip!

  4. This link no longer works.

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