How to add a new file to a folder in OSX with a right click.

If you right click (option click) in the finder there’s a contextual menu that gives you some options. Here’s how to add an option under ‘Quick Actions’ to make a new text file.

Step 1. Make a ‘Quick Action’ in Automator.

Step 2. Set up an action like this:


It’s asking for text input, this is the name of the file.

Save this as a variable.

The AppleScript finds the location of the folder that the cursor is on.

This is also saved as a variable.

Then a new text file is created in that folder with the chosen filename.

Notice at the top it says ‘Files or Folders’. This makes it appear in the ‘Services menu where it says ‘Files and Folders’

It will appear here under ‘Files and Folders’ in Services Menu.

And here’s what it looks like when you click on any file in a folder. There’s a ‘new text file’ option!


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