Add a file or folder to your toolbar at the top of every finder window

Adding a folder to the toolbar

This is the top of a Finder window.  Those icons along the top are called the toolbar.  I find it really handy to put items that you use a lot into this toolbar so that they are available from every Finder window.

Here you can see that my “Bulletins and Keynotes” folder is in the toolbar.   Also a file called “church@7 bulletin”  is also in my toolbar.  This means that no matter which finder window I have open, these two items are only one click away.

To add a folder or file to the toolbar hold command and option while you drag the file onto the toolbar.

You should see a green plus arrow.  Let go of the mouse  button and the icon will stay permanently in the toolbar.

To remove something from the toolbar simply hold down the command key and drag it out of the toolbar.



One response to “Add a file or folder to your toolbar at the top of every finder window”

  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing.
    I’ve had this set up for years but got a new laptop and couldn’t figure it out.

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