Help my iCloud is full!

I just received this email form Apple telling me that my iCloud is full.

Read on to find out how to free up some of your iCloud storage space.

Your iCloud will most likely be filled by:

  • Photos (taken on your iOS device)
  • Backups (of iPhones and iPads)
  • Documents stored in the cloud (e.g. Pates documents and Keynote).

To find out exactly what issuing your iCloud, on your desktop computer go to ‘System Preferences’ (from the Apple Menu) then select ‘Apple ID.’

Now click on ‘Manage’ under ‘iCloud Storage’

You will see a screen showing where your iCloud is being used:
Window in System Preferences showing iCloud usage

Here you can see what is using your iCloud space.

You can then choose which items to delete.

For photos, you can go to your iOS device and delete the photos you do not need. Or turn off iCloud photos to stop them being uploaded to iCloud.


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