How to open multiple inspector windows in Pages

This is the inspector window. It is is Pages and Keynote and you use it to adjust things. To access different inspector panes you click the appropriate icon – document, text, shapes, rulers etc. Here’s a great tip: If you hold down option while clicking it will open a new inspector window alongside the existing one!

You can have more than one inspector window open at a time. Simply option-click the icon instead of clicking it and a second inspector window will open.

After the window opens you can move it where you want it to be.

To open multiple inspector windows just use option click when clicking an icon in the inspector window.


5 responses to “How to open multiple inspector windows in Pages”

  1. Thanks. I’ve often wanted to do that.

    I have been using Word for 10 years and just changed to Pages at the end of last year. It has been an easy change and I am enjoying using Pages. It is much more intuitive for Mac users and integrates well with other programs. Likewise for Numbers.

    I’ve also just changed back from Firefox to Safari now that Safari has extensions!

  2. I first tried option-clicking the Inspector icon and nothing happened. But I added a second window by choosing New Inspector in the View menu.

    Now I realise that I have to option-click one of the icons in the Inspector window that is already open.

  3. wayne

    Yes option click the icon (eg ‘T’ or the squares or the ruler) not the blue inspector circle.

  4. Boyto

    Wow. You learn something new everyday. Great tip. I’ve often lamented not knowing how to do this. Thanks!

  5. Bryson

    This is a surprisingly neat thing to be able to do. I suspect this is one of those tips which, now I know about it, I’ll make a lot of use of it. Thanks.

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