How to compare two folders

This little app will compare two folders on your macintosh and tell you any differences between the two – not something you’ll use a lot but very handy for when you need it. I just used it to compare an old list of songs to a current list in a different folder and it told me I had added 6 songs – useful!


2 responses to “How to compare two folders”

  1. Boyto

    What’s wrong with Apple’s FileMerge? I find it great as a programmer. It can be invoked via a terminal via opendiff and even hooked up to your favourite version control system (I use mercurial myself). If you really want, you can even run filters over the input first (as I do for some files to translate the ugly Emacs markup I have to use).

  2. Dee

    This is exactly what I was looking for, but it’s not in the App Store anymore. Can you comment here with the dev info so I can track it down?

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