Review: Notelife released today!


Aa good storage system for IDEAS is essential.

Today the iPhone companion app for my fav desktop notes app – SOHO notes was released.

First, the good…

It has a very nice,  easy-to-use interface, including a nice search feature.

Then the not so good…

It doesn’t  have automatic synchronisation like almost every other iphone app. You have to manually go into the preference window and click on the synchronise button!

If you have a note in Soho notes that has pictures or different fonts in it, the moment you edit it in notelife your pictures disappear and so do the fonts. It doesn’t even make a copy of the original notes – you have just lost all that information forever. So it’s only really useful for editing notes that are plain text notes.


A great way to access your SOHO notes on the iPhone if you have SOHO notes.

But not the one-solution answer to everything – no auto sync!



6 responses to “Review: Notelife released today!”

  1. Peter

    I’ve been anticipating the Notelife release for quite a while now. And while the interface etc. looks great, I have one SIGNIFICANT problem: I can’t pair my Mac with my iPhone!

    The very fact that pairing and sync’ing can ONLY be done wirelessly seems an unnecessary obstacle…

    Does anyone have an idea, what I might be doing wrong? I’ve even tried following the SOHO Manual…

    Please, don’t make me stick with Evernote.

    1. Yep i just confirmed this it won’t sync without wifi.

  2. Peter

    Thanks for checking up on this!

    I’ve tried pairing my devices via wifi about 20 times today, and it won’t work. Even tried creating my own network, but that didn’t solve a thing either.

    Maybe I just need to give it a few days till other people encounter the same problem, and SOHO’s forced to make a non-wifi sync option…

    Anyway, have lots of fun with yours *envy* :)

  3. Scott

    I have been able to sync with my laptop pretty easily by setting up a computer-to-computer network on my laptop, turning on wireless on my iPhone and joining the network, and then opening up NoteLife and syncking.

    I’ve done this at Internet hotspots — for some reason I haven’t been able to sync over the wifi at my favorite coffeehouse, even when my laptop and iPhone are both connected to it — and I’ve done it on BART when I’m underground. Setting up the network is a nuisance, but the syncking itself is as quick as when I’m at home on my own wifi network.

    By the way, my experience has been that it is NOT true that “almost every other app” has automatic syncking. This is definitely not true of note-taking programs. I’ve tried several, and they all either (a) require you to store your notes on their server, or (b) require you to connect your computer and iPhone on some kind of network and then click on a button. The note-taking programs I’ve tried that fall into (a) all have limitations that make them awkward for my purposes, and of the ones in (b), SOHO Notes has the easiest syncking I’ve seen.

  4. Shecky

    No one….and I mean NO ONE has obsessively and robustly test driven note apps as robustly as I have! My friends are tired of me talking about the subject. I see so many app ads depicting a beautiful noting lifestyle with pics, videos and audio, friends smiling, kids playing in the river, glasses of wine next to fresh bread. Take the time to create these memories on your device then sync once and it’s all back to plain text or gone completely. Waaamp waaamp waawaaaa!

    @ “I’m beginning to think that somehow this is a limitation by apple because so many apps have come near but not quite made it. How hard can it be to have an app that lets you take notes, in different fonts, add a picture, and sync to a desktop app?”

    This infuriates me to no end. Hand-held Evernote is ugly with microscopic font and if you edit notes constantly on your hand-held as I do, you MUST be always on the net (which I’m not) or you are sunk because of forced sync PLUS you can’t text search note BOOKS. That’s right! You can search for notes but note BOOKS won’t display in a search so, a-scrolling we will go, a-scrooling we will goooo. I use Evernote for storage only now on my computer and I’m testing AwesomeNote against NoteMaster on my device.
    I have read that rich text editing/syncing is impossible on iPhone/iPod Touch. Oh really? How is it that I have a device that does so much else and I can’t fully info share with my Mother Ship? (home computer) Indeed, I can email rich text so why not be able to sync them?

    GGRRRR!!!!!!!!!! *stomp* *stomp* *stomp*

  5. fanbelted

    Does anyone know of a relatively bug-free note app with the following attributes?

    1. Strong encryption (AES-256 bit or higher)
    2. can import large numbers of plain text notes (ie, csv format)
    3. creates backups when you sync with itunes. Encrypted notes are left encrypted
    4. has some way of organizing, such as categories, folders, or tags

    Thanks a lot!

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