Create Booklet and OS X El Capitan


Some people have reported that the create booklet PDF action that I wrote about here does not work with El Capitan.  I can verify that it does work perfectly with El Capitan.  If it’s not working after the upgrade to El Capitan you should try reinstalling it and then restarting your computer.   Continue reading for a link to download a free version of ‘create booklet’.

There are two versions running around.

Create Booklet 1.1 – free

I can verify that ‘Create Booklet 1.1’, the original free version by Christoph Vogelbusch definitely works with El Capitan.

Last time I checked it was available from here. (UPDATE 2016: That link is now broken. Try here.)


Create Booklet 1.2 – paid

There is the paid version by ‘TheKeptPromise’ available  from the Apple App store and from here. It is called “create booklet 1.2”. It costs $15.  It may not work with El Capitan. I have not tried it.



2 responses to “Create Booklet and OS X El Capitan”

  1. Malcolm Chisholm

    It worked! Using OS 10.11.3 El Capitan and HP Officejet Pro 8610, printing from Word for Mac 2011

    From your chosen word processor, Click File > Print…
    Select “Create booklet” from the PDF dropdown menu.
    This opens up the document in the correct page order in Preview.
    In Preview, click File > Print…
    Check “Two-Sided”.
    Under Orientation, in the Preview dropdown menu select ”Layout”.
    For Two-Sided select “Short-Edge binding”.
    Click “Print”.

  2. Arjen

    Thank you, even today (2020-01-02) it still works!

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