Feb 18

There’s a cheap new app out called ‘Booklet’ which allows you to make a booklet from a pdf. (You can download it from the App Store for $1.49.) The icon won’t win any design awards but the app works OK. Here’s how to add it to your print dialog for easy access.

Go to the print dialog by selecting print from the file menu as if you are about to print a document.

Select ‘Edit Menu’

Press the ‘+’ button, go into Applications and select ‘Booklet’ (which you have previously downloaded from the App Store.)

There will now be an option in the ‘PDF’ menu called ‘Booklet’ which you can access from your print menu from whenever you want to print a booklet.

4 Responses to “How to add ‘Booklet’ to the OS X Print menu”

  1. Frank says:

    I don’t see any edit menu option. What app are you talking about – the is no OS X print menu that I am aware of?

  2. Frank says:

    The application does allow be to create and save a pdf of the booklet which will then print using my pdf application. So I’m happy.

  3. Giles says:

    Hi, this looks great but seems to have been removed from the UK app store (I get the message about it being not currently available, and Google doesn’t find it either). Is it still available in the US? At 99p – according to a comment on the other page – it looked perfect

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