How to save a youtube video

I’ve removed this entry as it’s against the youtube terms and conditions to download any video from youtube even if the author of the video says you can.

So if you want to share a video put it on Vimeo, not Youtube.




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  1. Michelangelo

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  2. […] this article I explained how to download a youtube video with safari, but it does not work form some websites, […]

  3. Hi Wayne, have you looked into the legal implications of downloading from YouTube? From my limited investigations, it seemed that this isn’t permitted as part of the terms of service –

  4. garyrlennox

    clipconverter maybe an easy way to download YouTube videos, But to download YouTube videos with this site, it will ask you to “download Java” to your computer. In comparison of these youtube downloading sites or free apps, I would choose Acethinker Video Downloader, it’s a free web-based application, you don’t have to download or install anything.

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