Feb 02

For those who are interested macintoshhowto.com is averaging about 10,000 unique visits a month, from 127 different countries!  The most popular being the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and then Germany.

89% of people are new visitors, 9% are old friends returning!

56% are mac users, 41% windows users, 1% linux.

0.3% of visits are from an iphone.

0.12% from a Danger Hiptop

0.03% from a Playstation 3

0.01% (1 visit a month) from an android

Of the Macintosh users, 61% use Safari, 36% use firefox, 2% Camino or Opera.


Of the visits from a search engine,

92% are from google

5% from yahoo

0.5% from msn

Statistics courtesy of Google analytics!

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  1. Dawn says:

    How do I upload my blog photos to the “sliding doors” theme???

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