How to get a free iTunes account without a credit card

The children have a new iPod touch for Christmas and you want them to be able to download free apps, without being able to download paid apps to your credit card. Here is how to set up a free account without a credit card. If you want to, you can recharge this account with an iTunes voucher.

1. Open iTunes.
2. Go to the ‘store’ page.
3. If you are signed in, sign out of itunes store (Click sign out on the menu above the top right of the iTunes store window in iTunes)
4. Select the country.
5. Go to app store.
6. Buy any FREE ipod application.
7. Click on create new account.
8. Under payment method select none as follows:

That’s it.
You can continue the signup process and you will have an account without a Credit Card linked to it.

SUMMARY:To get an iTunes account without a credit card you need to be logged out on my tunes, purchase a free iPhone app, and select none under payment options.


7 responses to “How to get a free iTunes account without a credit card”

  1. Megankru

    But what if it doesnt say none?

  2. Josh

    I really tried to get a free iTunes account in vain!
    Any help!

  3. lachelle

    it doesn’t say none on it

    1. guest

      You have to use your computer, not your iPod, iPad, etc.

  4. ty

    You still have to enter credit card info at the time of purchase…you’re just wasting everyone’s time, lol.

    1. Andrew

      He’s not wasting anyone’s time. You’ve wasted my time by having to respond to your stupid comment.
      If you pay using paypal or via a gift card, you don’t have to enter credit card information.

  5. guest

    Thanks, this really helped.

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