How to copy an Audible file to an older iPod

I still like to run with my old iPod Shuffle. Recently I tried to listen to an Audible book and it wouldn’t work. Apple Music and Audible do not play nicely together. But I didn’t give up easily… here’s how to listen to that audible book on an iPod!

To download the audible file to your computer, you will need to go to your account, find your library, and ‘download’ your audio book. This will save it on your computer as a file ending in aax. (e.g. mybook.aax)

Older iPods cannot play .aax files, they can only play MP3 files. So you need to convert the Audible file (aax) to an MP3 file. There are lots of programs out there to do this. Epubor Audible Converter, Open Audible, and Audible Converter. There were all in the $20 to $50 price. Eventually I found one called ‘Inaudible’ which was free.

You can find it here:

Or the direct download is here:

When you try to install it you’ll get a warning like this:

You need to go to System Preferences, Security, General and tell your OS X to allow this app.

Open the Inaudible app and you’ll see a screen like this:

Drag your audible file into the top text box, and press ‘Begin Conversion.’

It will save your Audible file as an MP3 file which you can drag onto your iPod using iTunes or Apple Music.


2 responses to “How to copy an Audible file to an older iPod”

  1. Georg

    a really nice article!
    I was able now to sync my audible books to my iPod Mini 2. Generation from 2005.

  2. Mahnaz Khan

    Thank you, that was really helpful. Been trying to do this for months.

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