SMS messages not delivered when sending from iPhone to other phones.

In this Google Pixel review I commented that one of the frustrating things about the Google Pixel phone was that sometimes it missed incoming text messages. In fact this was so critical to me that it caused me to switch back to my iPhone. I have since discovered that this was not a problem with my Google pixel phone at all, but rather a problem with Apple messages. If you are changing phones from an iPhone to a different brand, make sure you turn off iMessage first.

If you have an iPhone, and someone else sends you a text message from their Apple iPhone, the iPhone will send the message using Apple messages rather than sending it as an SMS through your mobile phone carrier. (You can change this in settings by turning iMessage on or off.)

When I switched to the Google Pixel phone, Apple still thought that I had an iPhone so when other people messaged me from their iPhone to my Google phone, the messages were sometimes going missing. Unfortunately I thought this was a problem with the Google phone but it was Apple’s fault.

If you have an Apple iPhone, and you are switching to a Google phone, or any other brand, it is very important to make sure you turn off messaging on your old iPhone first.


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  1. Dom

    Also if you have a google phone and someone else had a android then switched to iPhone make sure the person who still is using google phone turns off the chat option. This happened to me n my wife I switched from android to iPhone and I could send her messages she’d get them but her replies wouldn’t send. Found out it was cause chat was on (dark blue bubble) instead of the lite blue bubble. Once she turned off chat I now get her messages. Bad part though now I can’t say I didn’t get a text from you. Lol

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