How to get rid of the symbol button on your iPhone keypad

By default there is a world globe symbol next to the dictate button on the iPhone keyboard, the second key in from the left on the bottom row.  I sometimes press the world globe button when I want to press the dictate button. You can remove the globe button, here’s how.

Here’s what it looks like with the globe button:


Here’s what it looks like without it:


To remove it just go to ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘Keyboards’, then you will see a list of keyboards. Mine had 3 keyboards, ‘English’, ‘Emojoi’ and ‘Greek’

Click on ‘Edit’ then delete all the keyboards until only the English one is left.

Now the globe button will disappear.


4 responses to “How to get rid of the symbol button on your iPhone keypad”

  1. Florin

    You thought that was bad ? See the new iPhone 11 Pro with the world being below the keyboard on an entire empty row … :(

  2. Ram

    Thanks done just left emoji and English UK. Thx for the help.

  3. John

    now how do i get it back?

  4. Ebony

    Thankyou, was stuck in Japanese.

    Saved my life.

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