How to add a software ‘home button’ to your iPhone or iPad screen

The home button is the button on the bottom of your iPhone that takes you back to the home screen. It requires a hard press to make it ‘click’. You can turn on a ‘soft’ equivalent button that appears on your screen. I can think of 3 reasons that you might want a ‘soft’ home button on your iPhone home screen:

  1. The home button on your iPad or iPhone has broken. (This is a common problem).
  2. You get sore thumbs from pressing the iPhone home button.
  3. You have switched from Android and prefer a ‘soft’ home button.

Here’s how to turn on a ‘soft’ home button on your screen.

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app and then Click on ‘General’
  2.  Click on ‘Accessibility’ and scroll down to ‘INTERACTION’ and select ‘AssistiveTouch.’
  3. Click on the button so that it goes green and turns on Assisitive Touch. This will give you a button on your screen. You need to customise it to get the most benefit.
Firstly tuen on ‘AssistiveTouch’ then Click on ‘Customise Top Level Menu’

4. Now click the ‘-‘ button to delete all the buttons on this custom screen until you only have one ‘Home’ button left. This means that when you press the button on the screen it will take you straight back to the home screen. If you don’t delete all the other buttons you will get a menu every time which slows things down.

Delete all the buttons, leaving only the ‘home’ button.


Now you will have a button on your screen that looks like this. (The white round circle in a black square.)

You can move it anywhere on your screen. When you press it or double press it,  it will act just like your home button.

I have enabled this button even though my home button still works. It means I don’t have to click my physical home button every time I want to go back to the home screen.


2 responses to “How to add a software ‘home button’ to your iPhone or iPad screen”

  1. prismpeter

    The home button on the screen helps you to work easily because you don’t need to press the physical home button several times you can just use the phone by using the touchscreen, so to make this feature active you have to make the changes in the settings whose steps are mentioned above and if this feature is not working then you can get help from Apple iPad Support

  2. Zulfiqar Ali

    Home button not warking

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