How to get your website to appear in a google search


Web pages generally  do not automatically appear on search engine results pages. To make your site appear in google and other search engines you need to manually add your site to their index. This is called submitting your site to a search engine. You don’t have to pay to do this – it’s free. Read on to find out how to submit your site to Google.

To submit your site to google go to:

Add your web address, then wait a couple of days.

do the same for yahoo, msn etc

To see if google already knows about your site type site:http://www.yoursitename in google search


If you want your page to go up in the search results, you need to have other people link to your site from their site.

To see how many sites link to your site type link:http://www.yoursitename in google search.


Basically, more entries here, the higher you will be in the search result. (That’s a simplified version of how Google works, it also depends on how good the sites that link to you are and some other things.)


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