Installing Home Assistant on a raspberry pi from a Mac

I recently purchases a Raspberry Pi 4 to run Home Assistant. It’s an open source home automation solution. All the instructions are here:

It worked fine doing it from a Mac. The process was exactly as described.

A couple of notes:

  • The raspberry Pi needs to plug into an ethernet port to get started. So you’ll need a Mac connected to an ethernet port not a wifi network.
  • You’ll need a way to plug a Micro SD card into your Mac. My Micro SD card came with a small USB adapter which plugged straight into my Mac.
  • The Mac software works exactly as described.
  • There was only once where I was unsure what to do. After you download the software to the MicroSD card using Balena Etcher you’ll get the following error. It turns out that once the Home Assistant software is flashed to teh card, the card is no longer readable by the Mac. Do not Select Initialise. Select ‘Eject’ and then place the card into the Raspberry Pi.


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