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Google calendar is Google’s calendar app for your iPhone. I like it.

Here is a screenshot of the “schedule” view from Google calendar:

It’s easy to see what’s coming up.

It’s easy to see what day events are on.

It’s easy to see what calendar the events are in ( red is my personal calendar and blue is my work calendar).

There is also a daily view and a weekly view that are more similar to Apple’s Calendar app.

Google also takes what it thinks are important events and puts a picture in with them.  So in the calendar above it has grabbed my coffee date on Wednesday and added a picture of some coffee.  This drives some people crazy because there is no way to control the picture and there is no way to turn it off.  Personally, I love it because  it breaks up the text of my calendar and provides some visual clues.  It picks up words like “coffee”, “soccer”, “lunch” and after you are using it a while you will begin to get a feel for the kinds of words that it likes to put pictures in for.

If you really don’t like it you can get around it by simply not using the keywords that it picks up.  For example if I didn’t want the coffee cup I could just call it ‘morning tea’  or some other such thing.  It’s a shame that Google haven’t allowed you to be able to turn them off, but this is a work-around.

Syncing events between Google calendar and the desktop iOS application is instant.   If I add a new event to my Apple desktop calendar it takes about two seconds for it to appear on my iPhone and vice versa.

Again, give it a try and see what you think!


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