How to quickly add an emoji to an email in OS X Apple mail


Here’s a great little trick I learned from my youngest daughters. If you are in the OSX mail app just hold down control-command-space and a window will appear full of emoji. Click any emoji and it will be added to your email. (Emoji are the little smiles etc that people put in emails. 😉)

Press control-command-space to bring up this list of emoji.

Once you have the emoji in your email, if you want to make it bigger, just select the emoji and press Apple ‘+’ to make the font bigger.


2 replies on “How to quickly add an emoji to an email in OS X Apple mail”

Thanks for this, it is useful because I am constantly using symbols; leaving the keyboard to move the mouse to the Edit menu is pretty distracting while trying to write. ✔×Δ😎
Yeah I know the shortcut is there in the symbols menu, but I just did not connect the dots until your article, so thanks again!

Thanks for sharing an Interesting article, This is a useful post, I used OSX mail app but not used emoji, Nowadays I am using emoji in my Mails, Share more new things I am waiting for a new Interesting topic.

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