How to forward photos in Apple mail and keep the high quality


I just noticed than if you ‘forward’ an email containing photos Apple mail will reduce the quality and size of the photos. I noticed this when I forwarded some photos to myself from one computer to another and they shrank to about 1/10 of the size! Thankfully there is a way to change this to make sure your images forward at full size.

When you forward an email containing a picture, Apple Mail App may reduce the picture size. This does not make sense to me at all. When I press ‘forward’ I want the original email forwarded exactly as it is without any changes. There should at the very least be a dialog box saying ‘This email will be large to forward, would you like to reduce the image size: Yes/No?’ There is no such option, but you can change it manually.

Have a look at the bottom¬†right of this screen shot…


It says ‘Image Size: Medium”

Be default Apple mail is reducing the size of the forwarded images. You probably don’t want this to happen, so select ‘Medium’ and change it to ‘Actual Size’ like this:


Now the images will be forwarded full size.


12 responses to “How to forward photos in Apple mail and keep the high quality”

  1. Jack

    What if the person sending it to you selects ‘Actual Size’ but when it arrives in your mailbox it is significantly smaller? I’m having this problem from more than one source so it must be on my end. How do I fix this? I cannot find a setting to change. Thanks!

  2. Greg Schantz

    This does not work for me. Images still send very small. I’ve tried everything. Only Apple mail retains the large image. Reading it through Gmail in browser it is small on receiving end. In Apple mail app, the photos are fine. Frustrating.

    1. Sounds like a problem with the way you are viewing them in gmail.

  3. Ann

    Does not work for me. Still downsizes in “Actual”.

    1. Are you sure it is downsizing the image? Drag it out of the email and on to the desktop, then open it. Is it small or large? It’s possible that it displays small in the mail window to fit on the screen but is not downsized.

  4. Rick

    Doesn’t work for me either (using Mail 10.3). Can anyone say that it has worked for them, if not can this article be removed?

  5. Rick

    Well that’s really odd. Now it’s working! This needs more investigation. I unticked windows friendly attachments but then re-ticked it which may have altered something.

    1. Thanks for the update Rick. Glad to hear it worked.

  6. michael

    worked for me, thank you.

  7. Ceegee

    When forwarding email photos in iOS 11.2.2 (iPad Air) Email, the photo sizing options do not appear.

  8. amanda

    Thank you Sorted me out first time

  9. Steve

    This worked for me. Thank you. :)

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