Apr 18

1. To integrate things and ical, look here. This will put all your things next and today items into ical.

2. To integrate mail with things, use this script. Place it in your mail scripts folder (User/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail), or put it anywhere and use the free beta version of Mail Act on from here or you can download the latest full verion from here). It will take the current email and turn it into a things todo without you even leaving mail.

3 Responses to “How to integrate things and ical and mail”

  1. onecreditshort says:

    I’m missing something–what’s the trigger to run the script?

  2. timmy says:

    Just have a deeper look at “Mail Act on” on their Website and you will know the trigger. Timmy


  3. Joe says:

    Can this script be used in combination with “MailActOn” and Appigo ToDo as well?

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