How to install an Imagerunner printer in Snow Leopard

Image Runner on 10.6
Canon have finally released drives for Snow Leopard for their Image runner printers!!!
For some reason they are not available on the Australian Canon site, but you can download them from here. The file is called and it contains the drivers for all the Image Runner printers. Read on for how to install.

1. Run the program called PPD installer in the MACOSX folder.

2. Go to System Preferences, Printers & Fax, and click the little + button on the bottom left to add a printer.

3. Select IP Printer, LPD, then type in the IP address of your printer. Then select “Select Printer Software” as follows:
Install Image Runner in Snow Leopard

4. Select your printer form the list, click OK.
Screen shot 2009-11-03 at 11.44.14 AM

It works. In fact it’s simpler to setup than it was in Leopard which is nice. Thankyou Canon.


5 responses to “How to install an Imagerunner printer in Snow Leopard”

  1. Tim L

    It does not work for me and our ir5570 Canon copier. When added it does not open the window to select the options installed on the copier (trays, staple, hold punch, job accounting) and never connects to the copier. I tried the generic IR series UFR driver from Canon that actually lists Snow Leopard in the list. It did give the right option window, but when items were sent, the copier would suspend and give a message that UFR drivers not supported. So something is still not quite right with these drivers for the older image runner series.

  2. Mike M

    I’m having the same problem as Tim. Our IR5570 still isn’t supported… It sucks that we have almost 100 mac’s still on leopard because our printers are not supported…

  3. Shoaib

    It seems to have installed it but it does not print probably due to everyone having seperate ID. My question is how do i bypass the iD? There is no way it comes up on the computer.

  4. I had anticipated that once the machine was established on my wireless network utilizing my desktop, that our laptops on the network could simply find it and append it with the Windows Add Printer function, if all they needed was print capability–maybe by catching a slim driver off the net or from the machine itself. But oh, no. This thing has to be set up from the disk for every last machine, and took 20 moments each to set up on our XP laptop computers, and nearly 30 minutes on our VISTA machine. The unusable completion bar sat at 94% for most of that time.

  5. I have install it after reading your post by following step wise step information. but it does not work. why this problem is happening?

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