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Macintoshhowto Giveaway – winners

The Bose Bluetooth headset goes to Columbus Holt from the USA.

Congratulations! (You have 14 days to claim your prize – I’ve sent you an email.)!


The winner of the airport extreme station was Mohumed Zackery from the USA.





7 replies on “Macintoshhowto Giveaway – winners”

Wow you have a kind heart…if I’m lucky enough..if lol I’d like the Walkman for my mentally challenged brother…I’m trying to teach him the iPad but he clams up all the time..I think music may prove to be the better option…if you say a price I perhaps will buy it..
Many Thanks.

I would love the Parrot ck3000 bluetooth car kit. My car is pre-bluetooth and I would use the heck out of this!

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