Do this BEFORE you lose your mac!


Apple have a fantastic piece of software called ‘find my mac’ which can locate your laptop anywhere. But it needs to be tuned on… and once your computer is lost or stolen – it’s too late!  Here’s how to turn on ‘find my mac’ before you lose it!

1. Open up System Preferences under the Apple Menu. Under the 3rd row of icons you should find ‘iCloud.’ Click on iCloud.


Open System Preferences and find 'iCloud'
Open System Preferences and find ‘iCloud’


2. Click on the box next to ‘Find My Mac’ to turn on ‘find my mac’ on that computer.  This needs to be done separately  for each computer that you own.

Click on the box next to 'Find My Mac'
Click on the box next to ‘Find My Mac’

3. If you lose your computer, simply go to Apple’s mac finder site here and follow the instructions to locate your mac. (You will need your Apple login details.)

4. This also works for iPhones, you need to turn on ‘Find My iPhone’ under ‘Settings’ ‘iCloud.’



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