How to open Apple Pages documents on an Android Phone.

Summary: Here’s an app that will let you read an Apple Pages document on an Android phone.



One of the drawbacks of operating across ecosystems is the incompatibility of files. In my previous trial of a Google Pixel phone I wrote about was not being able to read Apple.pages files that were emailed to me on my Pixel phone. Well thanks to an add-on package from Mobisystems you can now read a Pages document on an Android phone.

Mobisystems have an office suite called, well, ‘OfficeSuite’ and there is a ‘Personal’ version for $39 per year that allows you to import, among other things,  Numbers, Pages and Keynote files.There are no free options that I know of for doing this.

Be careful, there is also a paid version called ‘premium’ or  ‘pro’ but it has less features than the ‘Personal Cross Platform’ version. It’s the ‘Personal Cross Platform’ version that costs $39 per year and will allow you to read Pages files.

There is no mention of this ability to read Apple Pages files on Mobisystems main OfficeSuite website where it lists what files OfficeSuite can import. It just appeared quietly in the ‘What’s new’ of Version: 9.1.10148. released on December 21, 2017.

While it’s not perfect (some of the formatting can get lost) I have not yet come across a document that it could not import. I would not recommend it for editing Apple Pages files but it does allow you to read them, which is a major bonus for Apple users with Android phones.


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  1. Apple uses different format of word document so when you try to open an apple document in an android phone it converted to bytecode that is unreadable by the user. There are several converters mostly supported in ios to convert android document to ios document.

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