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You can set up Apple Calendar to send you an email reminder for any event. You can go to any event on your calendar, add an alert, and there is a drop down list of email addresses to choose from. But how do you change the default email address?  I was looking everywhere for where to change the email address that Apple Calendar alerts get sent to.

The answer: change your ‘work’ or ‘home’ address in your own contact in Apple Address Book application (Contacts), not in the Calendar Application.

There’s also some good comments below – have a read!

To change the email alert address, edit your 'work' and 'home' email address in Address book!

To change this email  address, you need to edit your ‘work’ or ‘home’ email address in Apple Address book!

  1. Exit from the Calendar app and open the ‘Contacts’ app.

2. Create a new entry with your email address. (If you don’t already have one).

3. Go to the menu called ‘Card’ and select ‘Make this My Card’.

This email address will now appear as the default email address in any new events in Apple Calendar.

26 Responses to “How to change the default email address for Apple Calendar Alerts”

  1. griffin says:

    I have stuggled with this for years (on and off, of course)! No one had an answer!! Very simple and it worked. Thank you!

  2. Robin says:

    I set a calendar alert for mileage about 7 years ago – changed the email address and it still bounces because it is no longer active. Have looked all over the place trying to find a way to change it.

  3. confused says:

    “change your ‘work’ or ‘home’ address in your own contact in Apple Address book!”

    I assume you mean the Contacts app, yes? …but how do you change “your own contact”? What are the steps to find it in the Contacts app? Thanks.

  4. Camilo says:

    Thank you so much, this worked perfectly…it took me over 20 minutes to find a solution and you gave to all of us, thanks!

  5. Joanna says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…. this has been driving me batty!

  6. Bev Tankard says:

    I’ve checked my information in Contacts, but my Calendar still shows an old email address I no longer use, and there are no drop down alternatives!

    Any other ideas folks? Thanks!

  7. Looks like this issue still occurs in macOS Sierra. I filed a radar: (Calendar replies are sent from wrong account)

  8. David says:

    I got to the stage of selecting “email” but when I do so it the screen dialogue says I have ti use Contacts. OK but when I open Contacts how do I select my address? Nothing is clickable so no entry opens in the New Event dialogue.

  9. David says:

    In addition there is no cell for the email address in the Event dialogue box

  10. Greg says:

    Curiously only my (unused) iCloud email address will come up and none of the other addresses which I use. How can I set it up to opt for multiple addresses?

  11. lucas says:

    YESSSSSS!!!! I was getting crazy. Every time I accepted an invitation another name shows up on the confirmation email. I’ve been trying to solve this for long time. Thank you.

  12. Andrew M says:


  13. noah says:

    not sure if this is addressed in the thread. but actually it is the topmost email address in your card that will become the default. so if whatever one you want as default, put at the top of your email list in your contact, if you have several emails.

  14. hadjibaba says:

    I have an imac 10,1 running on el capitan . for several years contacts or what was address book is trashed. I add records manually. 8 times , every few months the groups were trashed and records were moved to wrong groups. All this I think started when I added gmail accounts. Sometimes images were also changed to some other image which was available on line? The last draw was when the ONMYMAC group disappeared , which basically was when I gave up on adding records to contacts. Now with that in mind and in background, my ical or calendar sends alert emails to an old email address. I did what was suggested here and what happened was that it did in fact changed where its sending emails from but not where it is sending the email to . It currently sends alert emails to an old email address which I have disbled not deleted in fear of losing data or emails associated with that old email. So plain and simple , is there a way to change the email address ical sends emails to?

    • Tina Mulholland says:

      I have this problem, too. An old email address was hacked so have disabled it from Mail on my iMac (High Sierra) but I check it from time to time via the provider website to see if anything needs attending to. It’s almost all junk which I blacklist and trash. So, my calendar alerts are sent from my new email address, as correctly recorded in my Contacts Card, (I did have to correct that, incidentally) but to the old email address. How do I change the To address?

  15. ER says:

    I was sending calendar invites from my iPhone to my staff. They all said that the email went to junk. I used the advice above and it totally fixed this issue. Thank you. I had never looked at my contact card before and never would have thought to look there to fix the problem.

  16. Jim Johnson says:

    How can I have two email addresses to choose from when setting up an ical alert? My wife wants to have events she sets up sent only to her email address, while events I set up are sent only to my eamail address.

  17. Erlend says:


    I have tried this, but it does not work.
    When I send an invite it uses the apple id as sender, not the mail in my contact.


  18. Paul Phillips says:

    thanks so much for solving this tricky problem for me.

  19. Sara Carlisle says:

    Thanks! Been trying to figure this out for awhile – very grateful for a fix for this annoying problem :)

  20. Mahdi says:

    This didn’t work for me. Calendar uses the first account added to my calendar which is Google calendar (Gmail) for me.

  21. Tanja says:

    Thanks for that simple solution! Wonder why I couldn’t find it anywhere in
    Apple Help. Thank you!

  22. Lohi Karhu says:

    Wow… what an abstruse “thing” !!
    I’ve looked for this, several times, and yours is the first ‘solution’ that actually works!

    Who’d a thunk it!?

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