Help with Aussie alternative to Quicken finance software.

I have a friend who has just changed from a PC to a Mac and she has asked for an alternative to Quicken. Apparently the OS X version of Quicken does not have support for Australian customisations such as Australian banks, GST, BAS etc. The PC version of Quicken did. So do any Aussie users know of some good software for the Mac that works in Australia?

Here’s a couple of replies I’ve received so far:


Hi Wayne,

Yes, we currently have many Australian users connecting via our Direct Access service in order to download transactions from Australian Banks.

Unfortunately, Australian Tax codes are not currently supported. This is an existing feature request. I have added your vote and comments for this feature with our Development Team. Hopefully this can be added in a future update in Banktivity.

However, we do provide a free 30 day trial of the software, as well as the Direct Access download method if you are at all interested in giving it a try before deciding to purchase.



Does Quicken work with Australian banks and can it do Australian BAS and GST?


No. Quicken for Mac is designed for the North American market. It will only work with US and a few Canadian banks.

Sadly, there is no version of Quicken for Mac for Australia.


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  1. Malcolm

    Hi Wayne,

    I’ve never used it but lots of people have spoken positively about

    It was started by the Australian guy who founded MYOB. He sold it MYOB and then started up Xero. It’s a cloud solution which may not be what your friend’s after though.

  2. Peter Lawson

    Folks, we’ve tried many different options since switching to the Mac world. The best to date is Money Brilliant ( ), it has budgeting and reporting features, however can’t do split transactions like good old Quicken could do. The free version doesn’t have budgets, the paid version does. For Aussie users, it has links into the major banks so it is even better than Quicken in that there is no import of transactions, they’re already there. Cheers, Peter

    1. Peter Lawson

      PS We’ve only been using it for 2 months, so we haven’t taken it through a financial year end, so we’ll see about helping at tax return time.

  3. George

    Try Moneyspire ( it supports Australian users and you can migrate from Quicken easily.

  4. Cameron Lewis

    I have been using Quicken for many years on the Mac in Australia. I have tried probably all or almost all alternatives and have yet to find an almost as good alternative. Reckon looks good, but at 3.5 times the price of Quicken, no thanks.

    The only features that don’t work here require internet connectivity – so bill pay and syncing with your bank. Everything else is fine – just add transactions manually.

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