Blogging software update.

This post if for WordPress users. In this post I reviewed several blogging apps and found them all lacking. Since then Blogo has had a few updates and it’s evolving into a very useful app! You can check it out here.

There are some disadvantages from editing outside of wordpress, but Blogo seems to do a good job of getting around these.

This post was posted with Blogo!

Pros: Lovely interface. You can schedule posts, pick tags, add featured images, insert a ‘Read More’ tag and so on. It’s easy to format text. (Apple-B for Bold etc). Posting seems faster with Blogo than from WordPress itself!

Cons: You can’t look up other articles to add links to them like you can in WordPress. The images seem to get re-compressed when they are uploaded. (This png above was 8K but Blogo ‘compressed’ it to 37K.)


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  1. Shaun

    Hi Wayne
    I still use one of your old themes on one of my websites: slidingdoor. I guess you are no longer updating it or publishing similar themes. I know the W/P guys made the development process very difficult … pushed a lot of good theme developers out of the market. Just thought I would send my appreciation for your work. If you have any updates – would love to hear about them.

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