Amazingly small thumb drive!

Check this out… the SanDisk ‘Crizer FIT’ thumbdrive.

I searched for ‘world’s smallest USB thumbdrive’ on Google and then ordered 3 different brands from Ebay. This one by Sandisk was the best. All three worked, the differences are in the moulding, and the  problem is how to attach them to your keyring (which you pretty much need to do so you don’t lose it!)

One had no connector at all. One had a plastic connector that you can put a string or wire through, but it was so small it snapped when I was tying the string to it.

Sandisk wins here. It has a tiny metal loop, you can just see it above – it’s silver. I wrapped some copper wire (red)  through the loop and then to my keyring and twisted it (see above)

The thumbdrive is so small I hardly notice it’s there, but yet I always have it on me.

I’ve made a little script so that when I plug my thumbdrive into my mac it automatically syncs my dropbox to the thumbdrive, so I always have my latest dropbox with me on the keyring!

To buy one go to ebay and search for ‘Sandisk Cruzer FIT‘ they are around $10 to $20.




2 responses to “Amazingly small thumb drive!”

  1. chris

    beware–i have two of these, even though the lanyard attachment point is metal it is very weak. the first one broke within a week of carrying it inside my satchel attached to the same lanyard as several regular size flash drives.
    fortunately i found it drifting around in the depths of my bag, but then i had to use gaffers tape and fishline to jury-rig a more reliable loop.
    love the size, but you are correct, they really needed to give more thought to the practical matters.

  2. Josh

    Don’t forget about encryption! I certainly don’t want the world to have my contacts, important numbers, and other personal data. Look for a thumb drive that supports built in encryption. Plug in it and you HAVE to put in your password.

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