How to get a new file menu inOS X using right click

Summary: This great little app (costs $2.99) allows you to right-click in any folder and make a new document.

Windows users will be used to the ability to right-click anywhere and make a new file. Unfortunately you cannot do this on a Mac.  For many years I have had a quicksilver shortcut which allows me to do this, but ‘New File Menu’ is a new app that is a lot simpler and has more options. After you install it whenever you right-click your mouse it adds an extra option to the contextual menu that allows you to create a new file.  As you can see in the example above I have two choices available “text file” and “pages document” but you can choose how many documents you want available in the menu.

To customise the menu you need to run the application. The you just select the files that you’d like to have in the menu. I only have 4 selected – A text file, Pages, Word and rtf. This keeps the menu nice and small.

New File Menu


Click here  to go to the App Store and download the  New File Menu App.




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