Please help petition Microsoft to allow multiple documents in the same Word window.

On a PC you can have 2 documents open  in the same Microsoft Word window (just select ‘View Side by Side’ but you can’t do that on the Mac version of Word. I’ve just written to Microsoft to encourage them to add it to the Mac version. Feel free to join me if it’s something you think would be useful. Just go to the smiley face icon in the top right-hand corner of Microsoft Word and click on “tell us what can be better.”

Here’s what I wrote:

I’d love to see the ‘View side by side’ feature in Word for Mac so you can see two documents in the same window. I see it is available on a PC. I know technically it is not what Apple recommends in there UI guidelines, but there are other OS X apps that allow multiple docs open in the same window. e.g. text wrangler allows you to open separate documents the same window.  I regularly use full screen mode and it is very limiting not to be able to open 2 Word documents side by side on a large screen. Thanks!


2 responses to “Please help petition Microsoft to allow multiple documents in the same Word window.”

  1. Tim Davies

    Thanks for posting this. I have been wondering why it is that I can’t seem to do this. I do offer my support fr your request.

    Tim Davies

  2. Eric Manning

    I have just written to Microsoft with the same request. Clearly they are prejudiced against Apple customers but paying a subscription to Office 365 should make this available for everyone who pay for word not just those with a PC

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