How to quickly unsubscribe from email lists

I have lots of ‘subscription’ emails arriving in my inbox. Some I have subscribed to, some I am not sure how I ended up being subscribed. I just found a great tool for unsubscribing from them all in one go. It’s called and here are the results, I unsubscribed from 54 email lists!

Here’s how it works.

Firstly you go to and type in your email address and password.

It works for Apple iCloud accounts, as well as Gmail and some others.

It will login to your email account and check for any subscriptions.


Then you get a choice for each subscription about  whether you’d like to unsubscribe or not. then contacts all the websites that you select und unsubscribes you from them all. What a great service, and it’s free, but it did ask me to share it on facebook halfway through.

There’s also an App on the Apple App Store that free as well but I just used the website.




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