How to make your printer run cheaply

This hint is not strictly Macintosh, but it’s so good I have to write it up. Did you know you can get what they call a Continuous inking system (CIS) for most big name inkjet printers? It continually feeds the ink into the printer so you don’t have to change the cartridges! You can see the big containers of ink in the photo above – they sit next to the printer.

Here is a picture of the inkjet cartridges which replace the old inkjet cartridges. These new ones have little tubes running from the ink tans into them to deliver the ink.


I purchased mine from RIHAC in Melbourne, Australia. They have a good unit, with good instructions as well as good phone support, the sell the CIS system for about $150 and it comes with I think it was 100ml of ink per color. Installing the CIS system is about the same complexity as changing a pushbike tyre, or sewing a button on a shirt. If you can follow instructions, you should be able to install it OK. Mine’s been going about 2 years now with no problems at all.


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  1. Bruce Hord

    Very interesting for high useage ink jet printer. Will contact RIHAC.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes my Canon IP5000 just died and I purchased a new Epson TX710W for $159 from Officeworks, then the Rihac CISS for $140.

      It was very easy to install, easier than the Canon one, as all the ink tanks just sit in the very front of the printer, not up inside the print head.

      It’s a very elegant solution.

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