How to find a particular photo on the web

Sometimes you might come across a photo on a website and want to find the original version to see if it’s public domain or ask the original artist if you can use it. Tineye is a great service that let’s you do just that. You can upload any picture you’ve grabbed from a website to Tin Eye and it will find all the places that exact picture appears on the web. You can then sort by biggest image, and look for what might be the original place it came from.

There’s a safari plugin that will do this from Safari – go to the Safari menu then ‘Safari Extensions Gallery’ and search for Tineye and install the plugin. Then just right click on the image from any webpage to search in Tineye.


3 responses to “How to find a particular photo on the web”

  1. Paul

    Available as an installable extension on Safari!

  2. wayne

    Brilliant! I have not really looked much at safari extensions but this looks great!

  3. Hi Wayne: thanks for the TinEye write up. We have created a whole bunch of extensions for TinEye fans and they can all be found here: Glad you found TinEye useful. Cheers.

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