Mar 10

Did you know that if you hold down SHIFT-COMMAND-4 you can take a picture of any part of your screen? Press SHIFT-COMMAND-4 and your cursor will turn into a cross-hair. (Try it right now!) Click and drag over anything and you can take a picture. It’s how most of the small pictures on this website are made.

Useful for all kinds of things, for example:

Grab a screenshot of a keynote graph:
Picture 5

Grab a heading from pages:
Picture 6

Grab a receipt from a webpage:
Picture 7

The top of your screen:
Picture 4

Or any information you want to keep:
Picture 2

I use Shift-Apple-4 a few times every day!
Also, Shift-Apple-3 takes a shot of the entire screen – I use this much less.

7 Responses to “How to take a picture of part of your screen.”

  1. David says:

    This is a great tip, but you need to add that it saves the image as “screenshot DATE TIME” on your desktop – this is not immediately obvious.
    Can it be set to save the image somewhere else if one wanted?

  2. Nittn says:

    this is cool !!!! Thanks

  3. Rob Woof says:

    After you do shift-apple-4, hit the space bar. That then allows you to select just a single window or dialogue box (complete with groovy drop-shadow). If you want a whole window or dialogue, it saves fiddling.

  4. Jen says:

    This is great… as a start. I got the crosshairs and selected the part of the screen I want, but now what? How do you actually get it o take the pic???

  5. Kay Doolittle says:

    Wow! This is really neat. I knew how to do other screen shots using both hands, but this is so, so much better (and cleaner). Thanks so much!

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