How to install OSX Lion on multiple computers

The new OSX Lion comes as an upgrade from the Apple App Store – not on a DVD. The good news is that once you’ve paid for it once,  Apple allow you to install it on all the computers you own for free! After you purchase it from the App Store you  just have to go into the App Store on your other computers and Lion will be there – all paid for and ready to download again!

The Apple page on this is here.

Of course, you need to upgrade all your existing computers to Snow-Leopard first.

The main hitch is that it needs to download lots of files first.

You can make a USB installer and copy it across manually. Here is a way to do this using the built-in Disk Utility in OS X.


4 responses to “How to install OSX Lion on multiple computers”

  1. Paul

    Of course you will have to re-download several gigabytes on each machine using this method.

    Alternatively, if you open the package downloaded from the app store (view package contents from the context menu), you will find a dmg file in one of the subfolders which can be mounted or burned to DVD using disk utility, which can be reused, saving some bandwidth…

  2. wayne

    Paul that’s a much better option, thanks, does it work?
    I just went to make an OSX Lion recovery disk and it said it was going to take 6 hours of downloading.
    I ended up using Carbon Copy Cloner to make a copy of my fresh Lion install, then used Migration Assistant to copy across all the settings and user accounts.

  3. Holly

    I LOVE APPLE!! So happy I made the switch 8 years ago!!!

  4. wayne

    You need to copy the Lion installer app BEFORE you install lion because when the Lion installer is finished running it deletes the installer app automatically!!!

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