How to delete an application in OS X

In OS X you can install software using the App Store but there is no option there to uninstall the software. Here are two ways to delete software in OS X.

The first way to uninstall software, the best way, the official way, is to remove it using ‘Application Launcher’.  This only works for applications that you have purchased or downloaded using the App Store


1. Uninstall using Launcher


Open ‘Launcher’ and then click on the app that you would like to uninstall, but hold the mouse click down until the application starts wobbling and a little X appears. From here you can delete the Application.

delete app
In launcher click and hold until you see crosses appear on the application icons.

2. Drag the Application to the Trash


The above method will not work for applications that you have not downloaded from the application store.  For example the application on the right of the three applications above does not have a little cross.  To delete these applications you need to go to your applications folder on your hard drive, and drag the application to the trash can.   Then when you empty the trash this will delete the application from your computer.




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